For best results, please play in fullscreen and w/headphones.

CW: Brief mentions of suicide, body horror, and death. 

A short, semi-autobiographical/horror twine game made over the course of a weekend. This is my first foray into twine: an experimental, emotional "snapshot" of my life right now. Runtime is around 10-12 minutes. Please feel free to leave feedback!

UPDATE: Now  with colored text! Shiny!

Development log


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I really enjoyed the game ^-^

Thank you so much, and thanks for playing!

I did a read-through of this and shared some thoughts I had on it, I had a good time with it.

Thank you so much! I really enjoyed watching your read-through, and i've implemented some changes based on what you said/what I saw (apparently i forgot a passage in the history array during the phone section! Whoops!).  Also, I was extremely touched by your words throughout and at the end especially, and I'll do my best to take them to heart. Thank you again!